Hand Held Gaussmeter,Model DGM-HH-01

NMR Spectrometer, NMR-01

Hall Effect Experiment,HEX-21C

Hall Effect in Bismuth,HEB-11

Hell Effect Experiment,HEX-Research

Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Tracer,HLT-111C

Study of Dielectric Constant in Liquids,DCL-01

Four Probe Setup,DFP-RM-200(Research Model)

Magnetoresistance in Bismuth,MRB-11

Measurement of Magnetoresistance,MRX-RM(Research Model)

Two Probe Method (High Resistivity Measurement, TPX-200)

Two Probe Method (with USB Interface), TPX-200C

PID Controlled Oven,PID-TZ

Two Probe Setup. TPX-600C

Study of Application of Basic Op. Amp., Type-741-03

Digital Microvoltmeter, DMV-001-C2

Digital Nanoammeter,DNM-121-C2

Digital Picoammeter,DPM-111-C2

High Voltage Power Supply, EHT-11-C1

Electromagnet & Power Supply, EMU-75/ DPS-175-C2

Electromagnet & Power Supply, EMU-50/ DPS-50-C1

Digital Gaussmeter,DGM-202-C1

Digital Gaussmeter,DGM-204-C2

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