This is a two stage transistor amplifier with a provision for positive and negative feedback. The amount of feedback is adjustable and with the help of this, it is even possible to make the amplifier oscillate. A 9V stabilized power is provided on the same board.

The following studies can be carried out with this set-up

  • Study of the basic circuit of a RC Coupled Amplifier
  • Frequency response of RC Coupled Amplifier
  • Effect of negative feedback on the gain and frequency response of the amplifier
  • Effect of positive feedback on the gain and frequency response of the amplifier
  • Verification of the condition of oscillation
  • Study of different classes of amplifier

Measuring/Testing Instruments required

The above experimental set-up has been laid down on a decorated bakelite board with an aim of providing an easy understanding to the students. All components are well spread out for clarity and easy repairs and replacement. The set-up is provided with a booklet, which contains its detailed theory of operation, description, specifications, suggestions and discussion on the various experiments that may be performed with it.



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