DGM-HH-01 operates on the principle of Hall Effect in semiconductors. A semiconductor carrying current develops an electromotive force when placed in a magnetic field.The direction of this emf is perpendicular to both the electric current and magnetic field intensity of the magnetic field if the current is kept constant.The small Hall Voltage is amplified in the unit by highly stable amplifiers so that its value could be read on an LCD DVM. The display of course is calibrated in Gauss.The complete unit operates from a single 12V SLA battery.A lamp on the front plate indicates when recharging is needed. A dedicated charger comes with the unit



  • Battery Operated Model
  • Suitable for Remote Locations
  • Wide Range(1G to 20KG)
  • Excellent Linearity and Stability
  • Easy Replacebility of Hall Probe



Extremely convenient magnetic field measurement in industrial environment. Can operate on in-built SLA battery for long durations without recharging.

Measurement of steady magnetic field in dynamos,loudspeakers as well as magnetic field in many fixed equipments in workshops,laboratories etc.

Easy to change and re-calibrate the Hall probe at site.


Resolution 1 gauss at 1 kilogauss range
Range 0-2KG and 0-20KG
Accuracy ±0.5%
Temperature Upto 50°C
Display 3½ digit, 7 segment LED DPM with auto polarity and overflow indication
Power 12V rechargeable SLA Battery.Charger included with the setup
Transducer Hall Probe – InAs
Special Feature Indicate the direction of the magnetic field
Weight 1.2Kg
Dimensions 198mm X 108mm X 65mm


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