These electromagnets have the most widely used ‘U’ shaped soft iron yoke. The soft iron is of a special quality, structurally uniform, well machined and finished to meet the rigid standards.

The pole pieces are made from dead annealed soft iron blocks of the best quality available. They are well shaped, machined and finished. The air-gap is continuously variable with two way knobbed wheel screw adjusting system. EMU-50V is supplied with flat pole pieces and EMU-50V is supplied with flat pole pieces and EMU-50T is supplied with tappered pole pieces.

The coils are wound on non-magnetic formers with uniform layers of S.E. copper wire. The new and modern design of the coils provides good thermal conductivity characteristics and eliminates troublesome hot spots even at high magnetic fields.

Field Intensity
7.5KG at 10mm air-gap with flat pole pieces
Pole Pieces
50mm diameter
Energising Coils
Two, each having a resistance of about 3.0W

Power Requrement
0-30Vdc,4A,if coils are connected in series



DPS-50 is an inexpensive and high performance constant current source suitable for small and medium sized electromagnets. Although the equipment is designed for the Electromagnet, Model: EMU-50, it can be used satisfactorily with any other electromagnet provided the coil resistance does not exceed 6W.

The current regulation circuit is IC controlled and hence results in the highest quality of performance. Matched power transistors are used to share the load current. The supply is protected against overload, short circuit and transient caused by the inductive load of the magnet.

Current Range
Smoothly adjustable from 0-4A
Load Regulaton
0.1% for load variation from 0 to max.
Line Regulation
0.1% for 10% mains variation
Display : 3 digit, 7 segment LED DPM

220V 10%, 50Hz

335mm X 305mm X 155mm

SES-CAMM Compatible
This unit can also be connected to PC through an interface module SES-CAMM.SES-CAMM is computer aided module for connecting multiple subunits of experiments, such as Hall Effect Setup,to same interface on a computer.This feature is particulary useful in making this model compatible with computerized versions of complete experiments from our company.



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