EMU-75 has the most widely used ‘U’ shaped soft iron yoke. The soft iron is of a special quality, structurally uniform, well machined and finished to meet the rigid standards.

The pole pieces are made from dead annealed soft iron blocks of the best quality available. They are well shaped, machined and finished. The air-gap is continuously variable upto 75mm with two way knobbed wheel screw adjusting system. Normally flat pole pieces are supplied. Tappered pole pieces can be supplied on special request.

The coils are wound on non-magnetic formers with uniform layers of S.E. copper wire. The new and modern design of the coils provides good thermal conductivity characteristics and eliminates troublesome hot spots even at high magnetic fields.


DPS-175BP is designed to be used with the Electromagnet,Model: EMU-75 as a constant current power supply to generate magnetic field upto 11KG. This unit is a modified version of DPS-175 providing bi-polar output in the full range of -3A to +3A per coil. The current requirement of 3A per coil, i.e. a total of 6A is met by connecting six closely matched constant current sources in parallel. In this arrangement the first unit works as the ‘master’ with current adjustment control. All others are ‘slave’ units generating exactly the same current as the master. All the six constant current sources are individually IC controlled. The current is set by Up/ Down push button switches under the control of a microcontroller. The supply is protected against overload, short circuit and transients caused by the load inductance. The operation may be extended to computer controlwhereby the current is set by a PC and the value displayed on its screen. Also an automatic cycling of the set current is possible at suitable step.

11KG at 10mm air-gap with flat pole pieces
Pole Pieces
75mm diameter
Energising Coils
Two, each having a resistance of about 12W
Power Requrement
0-90Vdc, 3A, if coils are connected in series.
0-45Vdc, 6A, if coils are connected in parallel

Current Range
Up/ Down switch operated, -3A to +3A per coil,i.e. a range +-6A
Load Regulation
0.1% for load variation from 0 to max.
Line Regulation
0.1% for ±10% mains variation
Display : 3 digit, 7 segment LED DPM
Power:220V 10%, 50Hz
340mm X 350mm X 235mm



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